Crefft yw cyfieithu. A phobl arbennig iawn yw cyfieithwyr.

Producing an excellent and accurate translation or interpretation is a specialized skill. It requires understanding, experience, the opportunity to develop as a member of a profession, and the ability to refine that skill in order to generate work of the highest quality.

That is why it is important to entrust your work to a member of Cymdeithas Cyfieithwyr Cymru. In doing so, you may be assured of quality and standard that is found across the profession in Wales, and a quality which is increasingly recognized by public sector bodies, third sector organizations and private sector companies.

It is important to consider the appointment of a translator/interpreter early in your schedule, be that publishing documents or arranging meetings. Further information is available on how to commission a translator/interpreter.

Professional Conduct is important to us. On becoming members of Cymdeithas Cyfieithwyr Cymru, translators and interpreters adhere to its Code of Professional Conduct, which includes a complaints procedure

All members are encouraged to focus on their Continuous Professional Development. Cymdeithas Cyfieithwyr Cymru members, employers and customers, all profit by focusing on continuous professional development.

To become a member of Cymdeithas Cyfieithwyr Cymru candidates must either pass its text membership examinations or its interpreting test. The increasing numbers who sit (and pass) its examinations acknowledge and respect the standard required to uphold the profession in Wales.

In choosing members of Cymdeithas Cyfieithwyr Cymru for your translation/interpretation work, that work will exhibit the essentials of a good translation/interpretation, accurately conveying the original meaning without being too literal. The style should be suitable for the target audience, the register should be appropriate, and the expression in the target language should be convincing. The language used should be accurate and fluid as if it were an original piece of work.

Cymdeithas Cyfieithwyr Cymru is part funded by the Welsh Government.