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The Interpreting Test

The Interpreting Test is held in professional sound recording studios: at Stiwdio Aran in Y Groeslon (near Caernarfon) and in CTV Sound Studios, Cardiff.

The aim of the Interpreting Test is to simulate, as best as possible, a situation where interpreting would be required. Candidates are required to interpret two contrasting pieces, each lasting approximately 10 minutes. Candidates are allowed 15 minutes beforehand to read background material on both pieces before the actual test begins. The test pieces are played to candidates from a DVD via a video monitor. Candidates will listen to the pieces via headphones and will speak into a microphone. Each candidate’s test will be recorded and that recording will be sent to a member of the association’s Register of Interpreting Assessors who will assess it.

The next Interpreting Test

Despite setting a date in March 2021 for the Interpreting Test Day – to include both the Interpreting Test into English and the Interpreting Test into Welsh – due to the current restrictions and the uncertainty regarding the situation in March, this day has been postponed.

It is our intention to hold the Interpreting Test Day during the summer if circumstances so permit. An announcement will be made before the end of May 2021.