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One of the objectives of Cymdeithas Cyfieithwyr Cymru is to ensure opportunities for its members and other translators to improve, enhance and develop their skills and knowledge. We, therefore, organise workshops which are relevant to the needs of translators and interpreters at every level of their careers. These workshops are held in different locations throughout Wales in order to make them convenient for translators and interpreters wherever they work and live to attend. This provision is considered to be a very important service that is universally valued.

We also organize the translation e-workshop, which is a form of training which takes place via e-mail only.

Workshops will be held through the medium of Welsh unless otherwise stated.

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The Interpreting Practice Session, into English and into Welsh

The Interpreting Practice Session is offered in both directions, into English and into Welsh.

The purpose of the Interpreting Practice Session is to provide you with an opportunity to interpret two pieces of a similar length and standard as in the relevant Interpreting Test and to receive written comments on your interpreting by a tutor who is an experienced interpreter and one of the assessors of the association’s Interpreting Test.

The Interpreting Practice Session will be held in the same studios as the Interpreting Test: Stiwdio Aran, y Groeslon (near Caernarfon), a CTV Sound Studios, Cardiff. This will allow you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the location.

Although you do not have to undertake the Interpreting Practice Session before taking the Interpreting Test, we would encourage interpreters to take advantage of this opportunity, especially as the conditions of the Interpreting Test are different to those of a normal interpreting assignment.

Amongst the other benefits of undertaking the Interpreting Practice Session:

- you will have the opportunity to listen to yourself interpreting, which is rare for an interpreter, and a valuable aspect of the training.

- you will have a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses as an interpreter, and will have been given guidance to those aspects of the craft that you can improve.

- you can decide if you are ready to take the association’s Interpreting Test.

There will be two opportunities in both studios to undertake the Interpreting Practice Session:

Stiwdio Aran, Y Groeslon (near Caernarfon):

Wednesday, 2 October 2019; and Wednesday, 20 November 2019.

CTV Sound Studios, Cardiff:

Thursday, 3 October 2019; and Thursday, 21 November 2019.

For the Interpreting Practice Session in October, the closing date for registration will be 1pm on Tuesday, 24 September 2019.

For the Interpreting Practice Session in November, the closing date for registration will be 1pm on Tuesday, 12 November 2019.

Undertaking the Interpreting Practice Session into English and the Interpreting Practice Session into Welsh on the same day will count as doing two Interpreting Practice Sessions.

Fee – members: £80
Fee – non-members: £90