Professional Development

All members of Cymdeithas Cyfieithwyr Cymru are encouraged to take continuous professional development seriously and to take advantage of any opportunity to improve and develop those skills which are key to ensuring that they can provide a service of the highest quality. Basically, CPD is about being the best translator/interpreter you can be.

The Association is eager that all members acknowledge the principle of the value of CPD and set aside time for professional development. Although we cannot compel anyone to do so, the hope is that DPP activity will become a natural part of the professional pathway of our members throughout their careers. Showing a commitment to CPD will benefit all members and that in turn will promote the reputation of the Association and the profession.

CPD activity can be formal and informal learning, both of which are equally important. CPD includes a variety of learning and training activity, as well as personal development. It can include updating and refining skills and knowledge, as well as broadening horizons. The process involves identifying development requirements, taking advantage of opportunities for training or learning, recording activities and regular reviewing and reflection.

‘Balchder Crefft: Datblygu Proffesiynol Parhaus, ei fanteision’

This is the new version of the Association’s CPD plan (October 2018). It combines and replaces its two previous incarnations, ‘Balchder Crefft’ (September 2014) and ‘Datblygu Proffesiynol Parhaus, ei fanteision’ (March 2016).

It is available in Welsh only.

Cymdeithas Cyfieithwyr Cymru is part funded by the Welsh Government.