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Translation and interpretation are specialized skills, and being bilingual does not make someone a good translator or interpreter.

A number of aspects of the work mean that a translator must be precise in reading and interpreting text, writing and expressing, choosing register and style, or deconstructing and reconstructing spoken language. A good translator will also have an understanding of domestic and international current affairs, in the languages he/she uses. A good translator will update his/her knowledge of the fields in which he/she works, and will continuously read up on a range of different subjects, so that information will always be at his/her fingertips.

Because it is such a specialized skill, and because the profession touches upon other subjects such as linguistics, communication, technology, cultural studies, history, politics and religion, people have studied translation/interpretation in all its various forms.

Here is a taste of important considerations for a translator/interpreter in his/her everyday work. Please don't think these discussions have nothing to do with your practical work; a number will have a familiar ring to them, and sometimes it is good to take a step back and consider what happens during the translating/interpreting process.

Specialized skill

In these bibliographies you will find a selection of volumes discussing translation in general or an aspect of it. A number of publishers and magazines specialize in translation/interpretation, and will have a growing list of publications and articles

Please let us know if you should come across any information that should be listed here!

General – Welsh language publications

Dechrau Cyfieithu

(exercises for those with an interest in English-Welsh translation),
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Ysgrifau a Chanllawiau Cyfieithu

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Translation as Text

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The Translator’s Handbook

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The Translator’s Invisibility. A History of Translation

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Translating as a Purposeful Activity

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Translation as Intercultural Communication

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Specific fields

Advertising Worldwide

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A Skopos Theory of Translation

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Gender and Translation. Translation in an ‘Era of Feminism’

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International Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Law

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Advice to students wishing to become conference interpreters

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The media

A Guide to Writing Subtitles

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Overcoming Language Barriers in Television

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Subtitling for the Media

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Teaching and assessing translation/interpretation

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Translation Quality Assessment

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Translating literature

I Am Me – I Am Other: On the Dialogics of Translating for Children

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Page to Stage. Theatre Translation

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The Language of Metaphors

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The Poet’s Other Voice: Conversations on Literary Translation

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Translation, Rewriting and the Manipulation of Literary Fame

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Technical translaton

Document Design with Translation in Mind

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Quality of Technical Documentation

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Scientific and Technical Translation

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Machine translation/technological translation aids

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Magazines and periodicals

International Anthologies of Literature in Translation Interpreting
Lebende Sprachen
TARGET International Journal of Translation Studies
The Interpreters’ Newsletter
The Translator
Translation Review

International standards (ISO)

ISO 1087.

Terminology – Vocabulary. Geneva: ISO 1990.

ISO 12620.

Terminology – Computer applications – Data Categories. Geneva: ISO 1997

ISO 2603.

Booths for Simultaneous Interpretation – General characteristics and equipment. Geneva: ISO 1983/1993.

ISO 4043.

Booths for Simultaneous Interpretation – Mobile Booths – General characteristics and equipment. Geneva: ISO 1981.